Author: J.D. Vivian

High Hopes for Hemp

In February 1938, Popular Mechanics Magazine published the story “New Billion-Dollar Crop,” and it outlined how hemp – a crop used throughout the world for thousands of years – would benefit farmers and consumers alike.

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Barn owls’ odd culinary habits provide hands-on lesson for kids

A student with the South Florida Fair’s 2016 Summer Ag-ucation Program examines a vole skull at EREC. Barn owls eat rodents, then regurgitate what isn’t digestible.   The Everglades Research and Education Center, south of Belle Glade and run by the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS), has long been respected. But the EREC professors and staff members who work in this far-western Palm Beach County facility don’t just conduct crucial agricultural research. In addition, they provide a variety of outreach programs, including those directed at growers and schoolchildren. “I like to connect kids with...

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