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Bob J. Nash – from farm to Bill Clinton’s White House (Part 1)

Editor’s note: This is the first half of a story on Bob J. Nash, who was born on a Texarkana, Ark., farm in 1947. Part 2 will run Friday, Nov. 4. Bob J. Nash learned about difficult work during his childhood in Arkansas. “In the 1960s, we had to climb trees to ‘whip the limbs’ with long sticks to make the pecans fall off. It was hard, scary work.” That work — as well as other tasks a farmer’s child had back then — provided important impetus for Nash, 69. “We didn’t get paid. We had to go directly...

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Judge: Broward supervisor of elections doesn’t need to take further action on ballots missing Amendment 2 reference

A judge has ruled that the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office has done enough to remedy the problem of some ballots that omitted reference to Amendment 2, the so-called “Medical Marijuana Amendment.” Carol-Lisa Phillips of the 17th Judicial Circuit Court ruled that Brenda Snipes, Broward’s supervisor of elections, does not need to take further action to notify the public about potentially defective ballots. The first two voters who noticed that the proposed Florida constitutional Amendment 2 was missing from their ballots sued Snipes’ office. An emergency hearing on the issue was held Tuesday, Oct. 25. Norm Kent, the plaintiffs’ attorney, said the court’s Oct. 28 decision “focuses only on those defective ballots we know about … It fails to pro-actively address the unknown number of defective ballots, which the supervisor of elections admitted could still be out there,” according to a press release by the Florida Cannabis Coalition. Kent added that, if the number of defective ballots increases, “we may have to renew legal options.” Raymer Maguire IV, deputy campaign manager for the People United for Medical Marijuana’s “Yes on 2” initiative, echoed those sentiments in an email to Florida Food & Farm: “if it is discovered that the problem is greater than the Supervisor of Elections is stating … we may have to take legal action.” The entire text of Amendment 2 is below. Use of Marijuana...

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High Hopes for Hemp

In February 1938, Popular Mechanics Magazine published the story “New Billion-Dollar Crop,” and it outlined how hemp – a crop used throughout the world for thousands of years – would benefit farmers and consumers alike.

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