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‘Life on the Farm’ – the ‘Packing House’ (Part 1)

The Plant City State Farmers Market or the Packing House; date unknown. “Cowboy George” Perocchi used to take his produce to this market to sell. / Photos courtesy of Editor’s note: This is the first half of “Life on the Farm – the Packing House”; the second half will run Oct. 5. This is Part 3 of our four-part series, “Life on the Farm – a Memory.” Dale Bliss grew up on a farm in Hillsborough County and is sharing her memories of the seasons of farm life there. Her sister Martha Grigsby contributed to this segment. In last week’s column, the harvest was ending, so we found “Cowboy George” Perocchi, an American farmer of Italian descent and our father, loading his treasured squash onto his truck. The Ford 1-ton truck was loaded to the brim (the “brim” being the handmade wooden sideboards) with dozens of crated squashes. The truck literally carried Daddy’s and his family’s livelihood; it was yellow gold. The goal was to deliver the produce to the local Plant City State Farmers Market Warehouse Cooperative as quickly as possible, in order to preserve the quality and freshness of the produce so that Daddy could get the highest price available for that day. The Cooperative, or “Co-op,” as it was more commonly referred to by farmers, was a building where buyers would gather to purchase the produce...

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