Did you know that Broken Sound Club in Boca Raton is home to 22 active hives – and that the club’s beekeepers tend to over one million bees a year? For some people, this may come as a shock, but to the Broken Sound Club team, it’s a way of life.

Home to two Audubon Certified and GEO Certified golf courses, Broken Sound Club is at the top of its game when it comes to sustainability. The club not only produces honey for its residents (more than 1,000 ounces of natural, pure honey annually), it has installed sustainability efforts across the property. These include adding birdhouses and a butterfly garden, moving to paperless accounting, installing water reduction systems, cardboard and paper recycling and switching from styrofoam cups to biodegradable products.  The property also created the first industrial composting project in Florida – and for this, we are thankful.

BEE Positive Now

To kick off the club’s BEE Positive Now! campaign, we were recently invited into Broken Sound Club for a honey-themed dinner. This dinner gave us an opportunity to enjoy six courses of deliciousness and meet the club’s beekeepers Sierra Malnove and Al Salopec. From Lemon Honey Shrimp & Grits to a Miso Honey Halibut to a Honey Nut Crunch Pie, our palates were dancing in delight. If only the club was open to the public on a regular basis. This dinner got us into a honey frame of mind – and reminded us that September is National Honey Month. How will you be celebrating? Stay tuned, as come September, Florida Food & Farm will be featuring a line-up of honey recipes.

At Broken Sound Club, National Honey Month is kind of a big deal. In fact, to celebrate, the club is launching a BEE Positive NOW! campaign. This is a month-long initiative to raise awareness and educate consumers about the positive impact that the bees have on our environment.

While detailed plans for the initiative will be released on Thursday, Aug. 25 at the ‘BEE Positive NOW’ REVEAL reception (visit Broken Sound Club for more info), here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect.

  • BEE Yummy Cooking Classes and Chef’s Tables
  • ‘BEE Smart‘ Lunch & Learns
  • ‘BEE Positive’ Tours for children’s groups and schools
  • BEE Smart interactive social media education campaign (search for #BeePostiveNow  #BeeSmartClub #LoveMyHoney #GotHives? #Boca4Bees #BocaBees), starting in September
  • Queen BEE Day at Bloomingdale’s at Town Center on Saturday, Sept. 17 with BEE Yummy honey-themed cooking demos and tastings
  • BEE Happy & Smart Day on Saturday, Sept. 24 at Boca Raton’s Children’s Museum with a day of family-friendly activities, ie. arts and crafts, storytelling, a BEE Hunt, an interactive show, games and more.

Broken Sound Club is located at 2401 Willow Springs Dr in Boca Raton; brokensoundclub.org