In Florida, we have a variety of restaurant weeks (and months) to help us enjoy a great meal for a discounted price. While we count down the days until these promotions begin, sometimes there’s a need for another type of restaurant week, one that is not necessarily all about us. Enter Dine for Veterans Week, a dining week to benefit the Help Our Wounded (HOW) Foundation, taking place Sunday through Friday, Nov. 6-11.

This restaurant week, which Florida Food & Farm is proud to be a sponsor for, helps out South Florida veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury. While some people think that there’s no way out, the HOW Foundation is here to prove otherwise.

Through hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the HOW Foundation has helped tens of thousands of men and women throughout the United States, through the organization’s fundraising campaigns. This treatment is not covered by either private insurance or Veterans Administration benefits.

How you can help

Dine out from Nov. 6-11 at one of the participating restaurants, and a portion of the proceeds will go to our veterans. Sharing information about the event on your social media channels will also help the cause.

What is the HOW Foundation?

The Help Our Wounded Foundation is a South Florida-based nonprofit agency that provides financial support so that veterans can obtain hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat brain injuries and abnormalities.

An added bonus

The privately funded Ohrstrom Foundation has agreed to match every dollar raised during Dine for Veterans Week, up to $20,000.

For more information about Dine for Veterans Week, visit