Some farms provide trams to take you around, though most don’t. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing, and don’t forget the sunscreen. / Florida Food & Farm file photo

If you are now hosting farm tours — or plan to do so — please let Florida Food & Farm know.

You can use the following format. Just cut-and-paste this into your email, fill out the information, and return it to the email address shown at the end of this file.

Name of farm/facility:

Address, including street number and city:

When the tours are offered, including day/days and times; also, include a starting date and ending date for the tours:

Cost, if any; if the tour is free, please state:

Any special parking instructions:

A short statement about what makes your tour particularly interesting:

Telephone number for the public to call for information; include name of contact person if appropriate:

Farm/facility website:

Phone number for Florida Food & Farm editor to call if he needs more info (this won’t be published):

Please attach two or three high-resolution (300 dpi) photos, and include caption information such as the IDs of people shown, what they’re doing, etc.


J.D. Vivian, Florida Food & Farm contributing editor
[email protected]