How many of you want to grow your own food, but just don’t know where to start? Well, we have some simple tips for you that will have you eating your own food in a matter of days. Yes, it’s that simple and we’re going to start you off with sprouts — All that you need to get started is some seeds, a jar, water and a paper towel.


  1.  Measure seeds by the tablespoonful: 3 tablespoons produces a LOT of sprouts at once, so plan accordingly. Small seeds: 1 tablespoon fills a jar.
  2. Soak larger wheat and bean seeds overnight; rinse and drain (cheesecloth works great for this) the smaller ones (radish, broccoli) and let sit overnight, wet.
  3. Place an unbleached coffee filter or a paper towel in the bottom of the container (a jar, a shallow bowl, a plastic or glass refrigerator container). Sprinkle seeds over the wet paper. Allow to sit in a cool spot on the counter. Every night, rinse the seeds gently and return to the counter until sprouts form and grown upright.
  4. Once sprouts get to be 1-inch tall (2-5 days), move the counter to a windowsill and continue to rinse with water daily. Once 2-4 leaves form, they’re ready to harvest and enjoy.