Inspired by the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences’ infographic “Edibles to Plant in July,” we decided to highlight everything on the list that starts from seed and is growing in July.

Take a seat, Southern Region, since we have nothing for you to seed this month. Central Region: Pay close attention to the Beans and the Watermelons sections.

Courtesy UF/IFAS

Edibles to plant from seeds this month

Beans: (Northern Zone only)

  • Lima: Pole and bush types exist; provide trellis support for pole-type varieties. Control stinkbugs, which injure pods. Don’t over-fertilize, as too much nitrogen limits production. Slightly more heat-tolerant than bush or pole beans. Plant rust-resistant varieties. Recommended varieties: Fordhook 242, Henderson, Jackson Wonder, Dixie (Speckled) Butterpea, Early Thorogreen.

Okra: (Northern and Central zones)

Soak seeds in water for six hours for better germination. Requires warm soils and temperatures. Very heat-tolerant. Highly susceptible to root-knot nematodes. Harvest pods a few days after flower petals have fallen, or pods will become tough and stringy (North and Central Florida only). Recommended varieties: Clemson Spineless, Emerald, Annie Oakley II, Cajun Delight.

Peas: (Northern and Central zones)

  • Southern (aka Field Peas, Cow Peas, Crowder Peas, Cream Peas): Highly nutritious. Don’t over-fertilize; too much nitrogen limits production. Good summer cover crop. Cowpea curculio is a common pest. Maintain consistent soil moisture. Recommended varieties: California Blackeye No.5, Pinkeye Purple Hull, Texas Cream.

Watermelons: (Northern Zone only)

Vines require lots of space. Smaller “ice-box” types exist. Plant disease-resistant varieties. Bees are required for pollination. “Seedless” types must be inter-planted with regular types to ensure they dependably bear fruit. Harvest when melon underside begins to turn yellow or when fruit tendril shrivels. Recommended varieties: Large: Jubilee (aka Florida Giant), Crimson Sweet, Charleston Grey 133; Small: Sugar Baby, Mickeylee.