Chef Adam Feidelman of Chef Adam's Gourmet Rubs / Katy Lynch

Chef Adam Feidelman of Chef Adam’s Gourmet Rubs / Katy Lynch

Chef Adam Feidelman wants to make the world taste better. His company in Coral Springs, Chef Adam’s Gourmet Rubs, has four rubs for sale and he is working on five more. He intends to change the way people season their food.

Adam grew up in a middle-class family of five in Cherry Hill, N.J. His dad was a computer consultant, and his mother was a full-time homemaker taking extra care of one of his sisters, who had Down syndrome. They had a house in Avalon, on Seven Mile Island, where they spent summers.

When the family went out to eat, Adam was always wondering what was going on behind those swinging doors in the restaurant. So you might say that, in this case, curiosity created the chef.

Florida Food and Farm: What got you started with being a chef?

Chef Adam Feidelman: As a boy, I fixed bicycles, but when I turned 14, my curiosity to know what went on behind the swinging doors of the kitchen pushed me to get a job as a dishwasher, much to my parents’ dismay. The next summer, I asked to be a breakfast cook, and I loved it. So when it came time to go to college, I chose Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island to learn to be a chef.

Who inspires you?

CA: Tiger Woods, because he was always accomplishing the impossible.

After working at hotels, restaurants and luxury assisted living residences for many years you went to work at a hospital kitchen. Why?

CA: After I started a family, I realized that I needed to have weekends off and be able to spend time with them. Over the years, I had developed my non-institutional approach for institutions, so when a new hospital recruited me, I took the challenge and wound up creating non-hospital food for 11 years.

I always wanted to know what spice went with what, and it gave me the opportunity to test my creativity by observing various restrictions yet still preparing delicious meals. It proved to me how important it is to season food properly.

How do you develop your rubs?

CA: Well, first of all, I run every day. I’ve also run in 12 marathons so far. I love to run and think deep thoughts. It’s like a form of meditation for me, and I come up with lots of ideas. Then I go to a lab and work with scales and measures – like a sort of mad scientist – testing this and that with this and the other, and carefully creating a flavor profile with grams and drops until I get it just right.

My final test is to try it out on kids, because they are honest. When they get that blast of flavor and they like it, I know I got it right.

What is your main goal?

CA: To completely change the way people season their food. I want to completely disrupt the market and to make people say “Wow!” each time they taste my rubs on or in their meals.

For more info and to purchase the rubs, visit Chef Adam’s Gourmet Rubs online.