Finger food … This closeup shows part of a pig’s lunch in Kristin Pavlick’s Hog’s Heaven. The complete work (photo below) — on display through Nov. 3 at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County — depicts a hungry porker turning the tables on dining. / Photos by J.D. Vivian

Most if not all of us probably remember an occasion — more likely, lots of them — when Mom scolded “Don’t play with your food!”

The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County took the opposite approach: asking 21 local artists specifically to play with their food and create works of art in all media.

Exhibition runs through Nov. 3

The resulting exhibition, Play With Your Food!, opened Sept. 14 and runs through Nov. 3. The Cultural Council is at 601 Lake Ave. in downtown Lake Worth. Admission is free (donations accepted), and the exhibition is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The complete Hog’s Heaven.

The works in this exhibition range from the familiar — oversize cherry-dipped and chocolate-dipped ice-cream cones are two examples — to the risqué. Think Farm Boy With Ram (below).

Farm Boy With Ram by Bruce Helander is based on the Feb. 26, 1950, cover of the French magazine Rustica.

There are whimsical creations, too, such as Food Fight, in which a cat and a large parrot glare at one another over a couple of Oreo-like cookies.

Food has long been used to bring people together

In addition to providing sustenance, food, of course, has been used throughout history as a way to celebrate friendship and unity — or as an attempt to achieve them. Play With Your Food! takes an avant-garde, and entertaining, approach to comestibles.

For more information about the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County, which is now celebrating its 40th year, visit

Play With Your Food!
through Nov. 3
Cultural Council of Palm Beach County
free; donations welcome
free; on-street