Crackers Cafe

Crackers Cafe in Indiantown serves up great food at cheap prices in a politically incorrect, hole-in-the-wall atmosphere. The rolls of barbed wire are real, so don’t touch! / All photos by J.D. Vivian

One of the fringe benefits to serving as a writer and photographer for Florida Food & Farm is that I get to spend the night in a variety of interesting hotels and get to sample the fare in out-of-the-way eateries. Of course, the lodgings are not often plush, and the dining is rarely gourmet. But each trip provides a valuable learning experience.

This sign welcomes visitors to Crackers Cafe.

This sign welcomes visitors to Crackers Cafe.

On my most recent road trip, I spent three days visiting Pahokee, Belle Glade (the Everglades Research and Education Center, in particular), Indiantown, and a nudist park on State Road 70 west of Fort Pierce. Indiantown has only one hotel — the historic Seminole Inn ( — where I stayed one night while enjoying some of the nicest accommodations I’ve had in a long while.

About a two-minute walk away, along State Road 710, is Crackers Cafe. This place doesn’t pretend to be either luxurious or politically correct. In fact, the owners are proud of their political incorrectness. They don’t even put an accent in Café.

Rustic ambience

Various animal heads are mounted on the walls. The rustic décor also includes photos from bygone eras (of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, for example); funeral notices for characters such as John Henry “Doc” Holliday (died Nov. 8, 1887); and old rifles.

What to order at Crackers Cafe?

The dish that intrigued me most was the Country Eggs Benedict ($7.95), listed under “Breakfast Sandwiches.” This selection definitely doesn’t qualify as “heart-healthy”! It consists of two halves of a biscuit. On top of each is a sausage patty; on top of each patty sits an egg (done your way). Finally, this cardiologist’s dream is slathered with sausage gravy. After eating this delicious meal, you will feel more than sated.

The walls at Crackers Cafe feature a variety of unusual items.

The walls at Crackers Cafe feature a variety of unusual items.

Of course, you won’t see a chart showing calorie counts at Crackers Cafe. Probably just as well, since much of the breakfast fare consists of meat, eggs and gravy. The Meat Lover’s Omelette ($7.75), in fact, serves up three eggs; sausage, bacon and ham; choice of home fries, hash browns or grits; and toast or a biscuit.

Offers more than just memorable dining

The clientele can prove colorful. Sitting at the table next to mine: a party of three turkey hunters, dressed completely in dark-green camouflage; one even had “camo” on his face.

And if you’re in the mood for homespun philosophy, the menu provides plenty of it, such as the “Cracker Code.” Among a Cracker’s traits: They “help one another”; his “word is his bond”; and “A Cracker won’t bother your stuff (and if you have any sense, don’t bother his).”

What is a Cracker, anyway? To find out, either visit Florida Food & Farm or read the menu: “Florida’s old-time cowboys … used 12- to 18-foot long whips made of braided leather. Snapping these whips … made a loud ‘crack!'”

If you’re anywhere near Indiantown and feeling hungry, stop by Crackers Cafe. You’ll find the visit worthwhile. Enjoy the Old Florida atmosphere, the cheap prices, the eclectic décor and the great food. This is hole-in-the-wall dining at its best!

If you go
Crackers Cafe
15845 SW Warfield Blvd. (State Road 710)
Breakfast and lunch: served seven days, 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.; dinner: served Wednesday through Saturday until 8:30 p.m.