The farm stand at Erickson Farm has closed for the season. Above: Elfrida and Alfred Erickson — who founded Erickson Farm in 1911 — in front of their Canal Point home. The Ericksons arrived from Sweden and began to farm. / Courtesy of the Erickson family

Erickson Farm, family-owned and -operated since 1911, has closed its farm stand for the season.

But you can still order avocados and trees online or by phone.

There are plenty of avocados, and the season will continue with more varieties into at least October. Avocados are available for shipping, and for pickup — by appointment.

Erickson Farm still has one or more of the following trees: mango, avocado, sapodilla, miracle fruit, pomegranate, fig, longan, jaboticaba. Most are in 3- or 7-gallon containers.

No 3-gallon mango trees are left, but a couple larger 15- and 25-gallon trees are still available.

The farm is at 13646 U.S. 441, Canal Point, in western Palm Beach County.

For more information, call 561-924-7714, email [email protected] or visit