The farm stand at Erickson Farm has opened for the season. Above: Elfrida and Alfred Erickson — who founded Erickson Farm in 1911 — in front of their Canal Point home. The Ericksons arrived from Sweden and began to farm. / Courtesy the Erickson family

Erickson Farm, family-owned and -operated since 1911, opened its farm stand today (June 28) for the season.

Though the farm grows a variety of fruits and other produce throughout the year, mangoes are the star now. Erickson Farm grows dozens of varieties; check with the farm if you have a preference for a certain type or types, since they might ripen at different times.

The mangoes are ready at Erickson Farm. / J.D. Vivian

The farm has about 4,000 mango trees that grow at least 50 varieties. The majority of the mangoes Erickson Farm sells are among the following varieties: Pickering (limited quantities), Tommy Atkins, Southern Blush, Kent and Keitt.

The original house, shown in the photo, still stands. The farming tradition now continues with Dale, grandson of Eflrida and Alfred; his daughters, Krista and Kim; and Krista’s son, Brendan.

The farm is at 13646 U.S. 441, Canal Point, in western Palm Beach County.

For more information, call 561-924-7714 or email [email protected]