Produce arrives at the West Palm Beach Stub Canal Turning Basin, after a trip from the Glades. The West Palm Beach Canal opened in 1918 and experienced a lot of traffic, since it was used to transport fruits and vegetables, along what is now Southern Boulevard (State Road 80), to rapidly growing downtown West Palm Beach.

But the opening of the Conners Highway toll road in 1924 made delivering produce and traveling from the Glades to West Palm Beach much faster. So the Stub Canal Turning Basin fell out of favor. The 1928 hurricane destroyed the unused docks. / Courtesy of the Historical Society of Palm Beach County

The former Stub Canal Turning Basin, at the southeast corner of Okeechobee Boulevard at Parker Avenue in West Palm Beach, has changed. The Kravis Center is at upper left, the Palm Beach County Convention Center at right. / J.D. Vivian

The former Stub Canal Turning Basin. Produce from the Glades arrived on barges and in boats that traveled down the narrow West Palm Beach Canal, completed in 1917. In 1918, the Stub Canal Turning Basin opened, allowing fruits and vegetables to be delivered directly to downtown West Palm Beach. Here, vessels had space to turn around. (Kravis Center at upper left, PBC Convention Center at right.) / J.D. Vivian