Mojito recipes, that’s what we’ll need this week. That’s because National Mojito Day is just a few days away. Every year on July 11, mojito lovers gather near to clink glasses and sip on these refreshing cocktails made with rum and muddled lime and mint leaves. While we will enjoy some mojitos on this thirst-quenching holiday, you can certainly enjoy mojitos all year-long — and drinkers have been doing so for quite some time.

While the exact history of the mojito is up for debate (stories go back to the 1500’s), we do know that it originated in Cuba and it gained quite a bit of popularity when it made its appearance in the 2002 James Bond Film Die Another Day.  Whatever the case, we do know that we enjoy our mojitos — and they pair perfectly well with the Florida weather and of course, the tropical flavors in Cuban cuisine.

Whether you enjoy a tried and true, traditional mojito or something made with your favorite fruits; dining out or discovering some new mojito recipes at home; or are one that’s up for a surprise – we’re here to raise a glass with you because National Mojito Day is a perfect reason to celebrate.

watermelon Mojito _ the missing lokness

Watermelon Mojito in a watermelon by The Missing Lokness

Tacology Mojito recipes

Mojito by Tacology (See recipe for Tacology Mojito)

Grapefruit Mojito _ Sara Kauss Photography

Grapefruit Mojito from Spoto’s in Palm Beach Gardens made with with fresh grapefruit juice, lime juice and mint – and served up with Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum. / Photo by Sara Kauss Photography



Mojito from Alligator Bay Distillery (recipe for Alligator Bay Distillery mojito)