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This post was sponsored by Fresh From Florida ( as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central; however, all opinions expressed are my own. 

Fresh From Florida. That’s what Florida Food & Farm is all about. It’s about reconnecting with, and introducing consumers to, the farmers, ranchers and fishermen who grow, raise or harvest their foods in Florida.

It’s about eating local and supporting local in everything we do.

Are you eating local? Are you eating Fresh From Florida? Do you know?

5 Reasons to Eat Fresh From Florida

It tastes better

Farm dinners are all the craze right now, and for good reason. The food being served was picked just hours before, and it’s packed with flavor and nutrition. In the winter months in Florida, we are particularly lucky, as there is an abundance of fresh produce available — with some of my favorites being tomatoes (just say Tomato Pie), strawberries and cauliflower.

In the summer, when temperatures rise, it’s more challenging to grow things, but not impossible — and thanks to our farmers, we are able to eat the rainbow year-round.

eggplant _ fresh from florida

Eggplant from the Delray Beach GreenMarket.

You’re supporting our local community

When you support a small business in your local community, that money stays in the community. It helps to support a local family, helps to keep jobs in and to bring jobs back to the community, encourages entrepreneurship, strengthens neighborhoods, builds community wellness and gives us access to local food by helping to support our local farmers.

Eating “Fresh From Florida” adds variety

Eating Fresh From Florida means eating by the seasons — and that means changing your routine. The joy of picking up your CSA, visiting your local farmers market or looking for Fresh From Florida products (there’s a sign and/or sticker to identify them) in your grocery store can be an exciting experience — and you never know what you’ll discover.

Buying what’s local and in season allows you to be creative in your cooking. Are you looking for what’s fresh in Florida? Here’s a fantastic month-to-month guide to help you out.

Builds connections

Going to your local farmers market is like a meeting with friends. It gives you a chance to mingle with your local farmers while learning about where your food comes from, and meeting with others who support our local food system. Often, you’ll hear stories about their businesses, which, in turn, helps to strengthen your connection with them — and these people, who were once strangers, now become friends.

Plus, if you don’t know how to use something,  they give you tasty suggestions on how to prepare individual products. If those don’t appeal to you, check out Fresh From Florida for its extensive list of seasonal recipes.

Confidence when dining out

When dining out, we always try to eat local — it’s important to know where our food comes from, how it was raised and what’s in season. While education is key, we still need to speak with the restaurants and venues that we frequent, and if we don’t know, it’s essential to ask those in charge about the food’s origin.

Often, those who work in the restaurants and other venues are extremely knowledgeable about this, and many have personal connections with the farms and fishermen — and for that, we are thankful. Then there are others who just give a general answer, and those are the ones we question.

Thankfully, Fresh From Florida developed a program to let consumers know. In grocery stores, you can look for food items like produce and seafood labeled with a “Fresh From Florida” sticker. When dining out, there’s a program called “Fresh From Florida” on many menus.

This program highlights restaurants that are serving local foods, and it showcases the dishes that are local with a logo placed next to the item. You can find a list of the restaurants here. (Note: Restaurants have to apply to be on this list, so it’s not a comprehensive list of all restaurants that serve local.) And it gives you confidence to know that what you are eating is, in fact, local.

Do you eat according to the seasons? Do you eat “Fresh From Florida?” Let us know about your favorite winter produce in Florida in the comments.

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