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Do you want to eat more Fresh from Florida ingredients, but don’t know where to start? Well, we’re here to help you out — and it’s as easy as taking a trip to your local Publix market. That’s what I did this morning, as I was buying groceries for the week, and came home with an abundance of peppers, radishes, mushrooms and cabbage that were all grown in Florida.

Aren’t fresh ingredients the best? They are the ingredients that we seek out because not only do they taste better, but they’re more nutritious, too.

Fresh from Florida Radishes from Publix

Fresh from Florida Radishes from Publix

Where to Find Fresh from Florida Ingredients

Take a trip to your local grocery store

Whether you shop at Publix, Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, you’ll find an abundance of fresh produce waiting to be consumed. All that you need to do is follow the Fresh from Florida signs and you’ll be set to go. Remember —  the produce that will be fresh from Florida is the produce that is in season. If you don’t know what is in season, Fresh from Florida has a handy guide. Even better, they offer a selection of recipes on the Fresh from Florida website that are easy to make right at home.

Go to the greenmarket

One of my favorite Saturday morning activities is to get up and head to the greenmarket. I love enjoying the morning breeze and the peacefulness around me on my way there — and then, the energy and the bustle of  the market, the fresh fruits and vegetables, and the beautiful aroma that surrounds me.  Being there, also gives me some one-on-one time with the area farmers — and it makes me remember that we are all part of the same community. They put love into everything they grow and I want to support them in every way that I can.

One thing to note is that not everything sold at your local greenmarket comes from Florida. Remember to look for the Fresh from Florida signs, ask the vendors where their Fresh from Florida ingredients come from and get to know the farmers.

Vegetables from Celis Produce

Vegetables from Celis Produce

Visit a specialty market

The need for specialty markets has been growing the last few years and I am thrilled about it. While I love going to the greenmarket, it doesn’t always work with my schedule, therefore I know that I have a healthy and quick alternative. From Bedner’s Market in Delray Beach to Celis Produce in West Palm Beach, these specialty markets offer a great variety of Fresh from Florida ingredients — and even some prepared foods and juices for a quick meal or snack on the go. What’s your favorite specialty market?

Eat local when dining out

While I wish that I cooked myself dinner every night, that’s not always the case — but that doesn’t mean that I have to give up on eating local foods. It just means I need to be a little smarter when dining out. For the average diner, that means becoming familiar with restaurants that use local ingredients and your area chefs.  Oftentimes, the local items are noted on the actual menu,  while at other times, you’ll simply need to ask.

Make friends with a farmer

Supporting local is about supporting the community and local farmers are at the heart of it all. They enjoy talking about their products, teaching you about them and many even host events on the farm. Do you have a favorite farm? Follow them on social and they’ll keep you posted on what they are doing.

Fresh from Florida Cabbage

Fresh from Florida Cabbage

Are you looking to learn more about Fresh from Florida ingredients or want some quick and easy recipes? Then, you can do so in a variety of ways. While you can visit their website, and we encourage you to do so; they are also big on all of the social platforms — giving you an abundance of information and inspiration.

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