The medium box of mixed fruits and vegetables from Fresh Life Organics ($45). / Photos by Dimitriy Shames

If you enjoy the taste — and health benefits — of fresh produce, there’s a new service you can try.

Fresh Life Organics (FLO) has a simple, three-step process that delivers the goods right to your door. 1) Choose your organic plan at; 2) Customize your order on Friday; 3) When the produce arrives on Tuesday, eat and enjoy.

First, select one of three box sizes: small ($35, feeds one to two for a week); medium ($45, feeds three to four); or large ($55, for large families).

Second, choose the produce you want: a mix of organic fruits and vegetables, all vegetables, or all fruits. On Friday, if you like, you can change your order for the following week. When Tuesday arrives, so will your produce (delivery is free).

Our box, with a mix of veggies and fruits, included scallions, oranges, broccoli and eggplant.

The staffers at Florida Food & Farm ordered a medium box of mixed fruits and vegetables. It contained a variety of veggies, such as kale, lettuce, eggplant, broccoli and scallions; and fruits like bananas, oranges and kiwi.

Dimitriy Shames says, “We ended up juicing all six of the apples but not the kiwi (stepdad is allergic to them). The fruit was great, not too sweet. The bananas had a denser texture than the bananas we usually get from the grocery store.

“My mother ended up using the vegetables — squash, tomatoes and onions — in soups.

“Finally, I had kale. I made kale chips, and they turned out crispy and tasty.”

For $10 off your first order, visit and use the promo code shown at the top of the homepage.

Fresh Life Organics believes in green practices. On the day of your delivery, Tuesday, leave your box and ice pack from your prior delivery outside. FLO’s deliveryperson will pick it up and either reuse or recycle it.

For more information, call Jessica Papesh, founder of Fresh Life Organics, at 800-215-1004 or 858-336-7582, or email [email protected]