Food lovers, rejoice. There’s a new food tour for you — and it just launched in Boca Raton. Gone from this tour are the guilty indulgences, as this tour dubs itself “a healthy food tour.” Replacing those not-so-healthy food offerings are healthful options that are packed with flavor and nutrition — and are perfect for those seeking to lead a healthier lifestyle or for those with dietary restrictions and/or food allergies.

These tours, hosted by Savor Our City,  combine a food tour with a short 30-minute yoga class led by Blossoming Lotus Yoga. Since this is a new tour added to the Savor Our City line-up, Florida Food & Farm was invited in to see what it was all about.

Healthy Food Tour _ yoga

The healthy food tour includes a yoga class. / Photos by Katy Lynch

Please note that the stops on the tour may change from week to week. So this is only a sampling of what you might expect.

Our healthy food tour took place on a Saturday afternoon. We gathered at Raw Jūce in Boca Raton and were soon led to the rooftop, where our yoga class would take place. After introductions were made and a quick survey of what our favorite healthy food choices was taken (we’ve been salivating over watermelon pizza lately), we laid out our mats for a brief yoga session.

With the temperature a bit steamy, our class was brief and led at a relaxed pace — but it fit for that day and was perfect for all ability levels. Then, off we went, down to Raw Jūce to get in on some juice action.

Raw Jūce _ healthy food tour

Raw Jūce carries a variety of cold-pressed juices.

The great thing about food tours is that they introduce you to new establishments that you may not have been to before. Of course, when you’re new to a city, that’s easy; but for someone who dines out — OK, I’ll admit it — four to five times a week, it gets a bit more challenging. This tour varied from the norm, as we stopped at some vegan-friendly places, and I am happy to admit that I discovered some new-found faves.

Healthy food tours feature a variety of restaurants

Raw Jūce
197 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton
 (561) 609-2871

Our first stop on the healthy food tour was at Raw Jūce. While I had definitely heard of Raw Jūce before, it was the first time I had stopped in. Known for their organic cold-pressed juices and their nutrient-packed acai bowls, Raw Jūce was the perfect place to start.

If you’re new to the venue, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, as there are 20 options for a customer to choose from. Lucky for us, we were able to sample our way through the collection — and were given the run-down on the juices and why cold-pressed is the best way to go. From Square Root with beet, Gala apple, lemon, ginger and aloe water — to the Green Protein with almond mylk, banana and protein powder, it was easy to pick a favorite — or, better yet, make that multiple favorites.

Yes, eating (or drinking) healthy tastes wonderful. Not only were these juices packed full of nutrition, but they are organic and use ingredients from the local farmers markets whenever possible. For that, we give them a high-five.

RawJuce Acai Bowl

The Berry Hemp Banana Acai Bowl at Raw Jūce.

501 SE Mizner Blvd., No. 80, Boca Raton

Our next stop on the healthy food tour was at GourmetPhile, in Royal Palm Place. This gourmet store features a stellar line-up of specialty food products (e.g., cheese, charcuterie, chocolates, spices), wine (including organic varieties) and many items available either “to go” or to enjoy in GourmetPhile’s onsite tasting room.

Vegan Mushroom Pate at GourmetPhile

The Vegan Mushroom Paté at GourmetPhile.

While we were there, Chef Melanie prepared for the group a few items for us to try — including an earthy, vegan mushroom paté that we’re hoping to score the recipe for (we’ll keep you posted) and some of the shop’s vegan cheeses (trust us — you would have never known) served in mini-sweet peppers. While GourmetPhile isn’t a vegan shop, Chef Melanie spent some time as a vegan chef, and she will certainly whet your palate — vegan or not.

Good to know: GourmetPhile offers catering services, tastings and classes.

Pastries at Parlour

The Napoleon at Parlour Vegan Bakery.

Parlour Vegan Bakery
415 S. Federal Highway, Boca Raton

The last stop on our tour was at Parlour Vegan Bakery in Boca Raton. This new-to-Boca location (there’s also a location in Plantation) features a variety of baked goods — sweet and savory — that will make all of your vegan dreams come true. From savory, hot vegan sandwiches and empanadas to sweet doughnuts, cupcakes, cookies and more, these treats are not only vegan, but many of them are nut and gluten-free.

The napoleons (seen above) were being featured on the day of our visit. They were moist, guilt-free (well, almost) and were our favorite on the day of our visit. The menu at Parlour changes often, so follow them on social media for their latest features.
Savor Our City will offer these healthy food tours on a regular basis. To learn more about the healthy food tours or to find out when the next tour is scheduled, visit