Mangoes. They’ve been a topic of discussion at Florida Food & Farm this month — and we’ve definitely eaten our share. We’ve also shared with you some great tips on how to freeze mangoes, given you a few recipes and more importantly, we’ve been able to attend some local mango festivals.

One of our favorite mango memories from this past month took place at the 17th Annual Fairchild Gardens Mango Festival where we attended the mango brunch. Not only did we enjoy mangoes prepared in every way imaginable by some of our favorite chefs, including original members of the Mango Gang, we were also able to chat with these talented chefs about their love for mangoes and how they take advantage of the abundance of the season.

"Steak and Grits" with smoked mango BBQ by Chef Dewey Losasso

“Steak and Grits” with smoked mango BBQ served at the mango brunch by Chef Dewey Losasso.

Name: Chef Allen Susser, Chef Allen’s Catering
Advice: Make a chutney

Name: Chef Dewey Losasso, Redlander Restaurant
Advice: Upside Down Mango Cake from an old Fannie Mae cookbook (that he just happens to still be borrowing from his grade school library).

Name: Chef Andrea Curto-Randazzo
Advice: Slice up some mangoes, add a little lime juice and jalapeño or make a Vodka Mango Lemonade

Tropical Mango and Salmon Poke

Tropical Mango and Salmon Poke served at the mango brunch by Delicious Catering Services

Name: Chef Kris Wessel, Wessel’s Tropical BBQ (opening soon)
Advice: Make a BBQ sauce

Name: Chef Mark Militello, consulting chef at Josie’s Restaurant
Advice: Slice mangoes up and serve them over yogurt and granola

Name: Chef Nicholas Muff, Delicious Catering Services
Advice: Purée the mangoes, freeze them and slice off fragments to use throughout the year.

Name: Chef Gaetano Ascione, Spasso Italian Restaurant & Bar
Advice: Make a marmalade

So the next time you’re wondering what to do with your leftover mangoes, let these Miami chefs be your guide.