Some programs will remain unaffected by the expiration of the huge U.S. Farm Bill. But some smaller programs aren’t as fortunate. / Photo courtesy USDA Food and Nutrition Service

By Dan Nosowitz
Modern Farmer

“The 2018 Farm Bill is one of the biggest pieces of legislation of the year; the most recent proposal clocked in at $867 billion, and includes funding for crop insurance, school lunches, national nutrition, and SNAP (the latter is better known as ‘food stamps’). The new Farm Bill has been debated and worked on for months — years, really — with a firm deadline of September 30th. Eagle-eyed readers will notice that September 30th has come and gone. So what now?

“The Farm Bill is usually a difficult bill to pass, being that it’s a massive and complex bit of legislation that’s more like a huge package of dozens of different programs than a single bill. For the current Farm Bill, one of the main points of contention has been work requirements for SNAP; Republicans want them, Democrats don’t. …”

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