Pahokee Marina - new fence on breakwater
A visitor looks for alligators that live outside (and sometimes inside) the Pahokee Marina’s breakwater. The new safety fence is one of several additions to the renovated marina. / All photos by J.D. VIVIAN

The City of Pahokee lent its renovated marina area to guests attending the 49th Tri-Cities Barbecue on Dec. 7. Pahokee hosted the event along with the other two westernmost Palm Beach County cities: Belle Glade and South Bay.

About 300 people attended the event, which is organized by the Florida League of Cities. The marina is the only such facility directly on 730-square-mile Lake Okeechobee. Other municipalities and recreational areas connect with Lake O via a rim canal and/or lock.

The site of the annual Tri-Cities BBQ alternates between the Pahokee Marina and Belle Glade’s Torry Island recreational area. The BBQ allows the cities to showcase their best aspects.

Point Counterpoint II, Pahokee Marina
Pahokee City Manager Chandler Williamson stands next to the Point Counterpoint II, a specially designed concert boat moored at the renovated Pahokee Marina.

The Pahokee Marina now features safety fences that run along the sidewalk and along the concrete walkway on the breakwater. It also has a new inhabitant: the Point Counterpoint II, a 195-foot specially made boat that should eventually host concerts out on the lake.

Changes in store

Just outside the Herbert Hoover Dike that protects Pahokee from potential flooding from Lake Okeechobee is a vacant lot where the old water-department was. Across the street from that is the old City Hall, slated for eventual demolition.

North of the marina is Pahokee State Park, boasting new sidewalks and more parking spots.

The renovated Pahokee Marina has a new fence that runs along the sidewalk outside the marina area.

North of the marina is the 125-site Pahokee Campground, featuring a lakeside swimming pool.

The marina and campground are open year-round.