Florida Food & Farm Winter IssueWe’re excited to announce that our Winter Issue is now available on newsstands and online. In this issue, we feature:

  • Palmetto Creek Farms – Avon Park farmer claims the finest-tasting pork is from happy pigs.
  • Chocolate: From Bean to Bar – Single-source cacao beans roasted in-house make a world of difference in Castronovo Chocolate products.
  • Caviar – From Florida? Two farms prove it doesn’t take a snowy landscape to produce quality fish eggs for this gourmet delight.
  • Recipes: Can Do – Don’t waste those extra CSA vegetables, or garden goodies, because you can’t get to them. Pickle them now, and eat later.

To read the latest issue, visit us online or pick up a copy at the newsstand closest to you (see distribution points).