Sorrel soup is a winner – at least among tasters at the April Slow Food Miami event. Farmer Green Dean, Dean Richardson, of Miami’s Mr. Green Dean’s Vegetable Farm brought the soup to the tasting that featured more than 41 chefs from the Miami area celebrating Slow Foods.

The organization works to showcase chefs, growers, and artisan food producers who support traditional foods and cuisines from around the world, and the techniques that are typically labor-intensive – bypassing the “fast food” and corporate farming mentality.

The savory sorrel soup highlighted the herb that’s a darling of French chefs dating back centuries.

Sorrel is used as both an herb and a green leaf vegetable. Its potent, citrusy flavor with a hint of bitter greens is often used in egg dishes, as well as salads. It’s used sparingly as it can overwhelm a dish.

Richardson served the soup with no garnish in tiny sipping cups; it can be served chilled or warm. Crispy goat cheese croustades would go well on the side.

The following recipe makes eight servings; while it could be frozen, it’s best fresh.

recipe: Sorrel Soup