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Though school is out, Summer BreakSpot is hard at work. Over 1 million Florida children could go hungry during their summer recess. To reduce that number, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services — through its Summer BreakSpot nutrition program — is partnering with organizations across the state to feed children 18 and under.

The Summer BreakSpot program, which is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is run in local communities by qualified nonprofit organizations. Many children rely on the National School Lunch Program for breakfast and lunch, so they’re at risk of hunger during summer.


Become a meal site
Breakfasts, lunches or snacks can be delivered daily to a site or prepared on-site, depending on the facility’s capabilities and resources, then served to the children. Meal sites work directly with Summer BreakSpot sponsors, such as a school district, municipal government or large community organization.

Become a sponsor
BreakSpot sponsors handle administrative and financial oversight of the USDA’s Summer Food Service Program.

Open a meal site under an existing sponsor
To get connected with a sponsor, call the Florida Automated Nutrition System at 800-504-6609.

Provide transportation
If your organization owns a bus or van, consider using it to deliver meals to remote areas or to transport children from low-income areas to nearby meal sites.

Provide creative activities and programs
Create and conduct activities such as a reading club, recreational sports, a community garden or a tutoring program.

Raise resources
If you’re a faith-based organization, schedule a collection during a worship service that is devoted to the theme of “children.” The funds could be used to buy art supplies, recreational equipment, eating utensils, napkins, wages for staff members or drivers, background-check fees for volunteers, etc.

Recruit volunteers
Contact local sponsors to find out their needs. Then recruit volunteers with applicable skills and availability.

To find areas with the greatest need in your community, as well as existing Summer BreakSpot sites, visit FreshFromFlorida.com/RoadmapToHealth.

For more information, visit www.summerfoodflorida.org or https://www.facebook.com/FreshForFloridaKids.