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Time magazine named these cannabis pens, made by Hmbldt, among the 25 Best Inventions of 2016. / Contributed

A California company has invented four cannabis pens, each of which is designed to make the user feel a certain way — and without getting high.

In its Nov. 17 edition, Time magazine named the Dose Pens, collectively, one of the 25 Best Inventions of 2016. In its introduction to the story, Time wrote that every year, the magazine “selects the best inventions that are making the world better, smarter and — in some cases — a little more fun.”

Hmbldt, based in Northern California, says that each of its vaporizing pens is designed to deliver a consistent dosage through “three key features: optimized temperature control, controlled airflow and timed control,” according to the pens’ “Product Fact Sheet.”

Each individual user will receive a specific vaporized dose of the chemical compounds in cannabis, tailored to suit his or her needs.

Four cannabis pens for four different needs

The Bliss pen helps patients to “feel just the right amount of good”; Sleep helps users to “fall asleep and stay asleep”; Calm helps “you relax your mind and body”; and Relief eases “pain and inflammation.”

Catherine Merritt, a spokeswoman for Hmbldt, said the company does not yet plan to sell the Dose Pens outside of California. But “we will look at expanding in early 2017, though we cannot yet say which states we will be in at that time. We are certainly looking at all states that make it possible to have a presence within.”

Florida will be one. The passage of Amendment 2 on Nov. 8 expanded the number of “debilitating conditions” that make it legal for patients with at least one of them to qualify for low-THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) cannabis.

Expanding its product line

Merritt said that Hmbldt is optimistic about the future of its Dose Pens and that the company has two other products coming soon (to the California market).

Dose Spray, used orally, delivers a specific, metered amount of medication. The Dose Pen Rechargeable is a vaporizing pen that can be reused again and again.

According to Merritt, Hmbldt executives expect residents of other states — once the company’s products are available there — to embrace them.

“We are seeing exciting growth in our launch state of California. But as we look forward to other states, we are optimistic that others will be as receptive to our products as they have been in California,” she said.

The name “Hmbldt” is derived from “Humboldt County,” in Northwestern California. The company’s website,, says, “Humboldt County is home to some of the most complex cannabis strains in the world, which are rich in the healing compounds of major and minor cannabinoids and terpenes.”