fresh from Florida corn

What is your “spirit vegetable”? Take this quiz to find out. Maybe you’ll discover that it’s corn. / Florida Food & Farm file photo

What is your “spirit vegetable”?

A new quiz, What Is Your Spirit Vegetable?, lets you discover which vegetable you are — cabbage, asparagus, beet, eggplant or some other one.

Are you an eggplant? Then according to the quiz, “Eggplant is an exotic, sun-worshiping, mysterious member of the nightshade family. … Eggplant has a meaty interior that needs time and high heat to be fully appreciated, and don’t be surprised if you find this pensive veggie daydreaming out the window. Just give eggplant a good long roast in the oven, and it will transform into a sweet, luscious treat that’s hard not to love. … / Photo courtesy UF/IFAS

The quiz takes about two minutes and has 10 questions.

Are you asparagus? According to the quiz … “With bright green shoots shooting up from the ground in early spring, asparagus is a joyful force to be reckoned with. Standing tall and surrounded by their fellow stalks, asparagus thrives on the energy of others. These deeply rooted spears waste no time putting their big dreams into action; when they hit their stride, these puppies can grow more than 6 inches a day! Combine this can-do attitude with a joyful personality and down-to-earth sensibility — and what’s not to love?”

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