From mushroom fricassee served over polenta to a comforting bowl of mushroom risotto, mushrooms seem to find a way to my plate. So when I attended my first EatWith dinner last weekend with hosts Tom and McKenzie in Miami and was served a mushroom paté, my palate was dancing in delight. The earthy flavors and the woodsy aroma brought back some wonderful food memories and one bite certainly was not enough.

Creating food memories with new friends is one of my favorite things to do, so I was thrilled to learn about this new site (at least to Florida) called EatWith. Through this site, chefs of any skill level (though they do have to be accepted into the program), can create a multi-course dinner menu in their homes for adventurous guests. They then post the menu on the EatWith site, sell tickets to the dinner and then host an intimate multi-course dinner for all to enjoy.

Are you interested in learning more about EatWith? Check out their website for different opportunities (these dinners take place worldwide) — or if you are interested in becoming a host, they are now accepting applications.