A soybean grower, who lives in Palm Beach County, has a farm in Illinois. She doesn’t want a government handout for her farm; she just wants to sell her soybeans. / Photo courtesy of American Soybean Association (soygrowers.com)

By Sharon O’Halloran

Although currently a resident of Palm Beach County, I am also the owner of a farm in Illinois. Over 50 percent of the crop that is grown there is soybeans.

For generations, this farm has been self-sufficient, operating at a decent profit every year. However, now that there is a U.S. trade war with China and a predicted drop in crop prices, with China imposing a tariff on soybeans, things are not looking positive for Midwestern growers of soybeans this year.

It should be noted that China usually purchases at least 30 percent of the crop produced in the United States. Now the man who sits in the White House proposes that the American taxpayer “bail out” the farmers.

I do not want a government bailout with the American taxpayers’ dollars. I would like to be able to remain a self-sufficient farm owner. Also, as a landowner, the bailout would come to me but how about the two men who operate the farm for me and put in long hours of work to plant, cultivate and harvest the crop?

I am appalled by this whole idea of a bailout.

Sharon O’Halloran lives in Delray Beach.