Ian Wolinsky founded The Gourmet Gardeners in 2013. He is shown in the Wonka Educational Garden in Sunrise. / Photos courtesy Gourmet Gardeners

Ian Wolinsky says people ought to “plant, grow, harvest and eat their own food.” Toward that end, in 2013, he formed an edible-gardening company, The Gourmet Gardeners (thegourmetgardeners.org).

Wolinsky focuses on educating people — especially young people: “We’ve worked with over 160 schools in Broward County and have established and consulted on community gardens with many of the local municipalities and the Broward Regional Health Planning Council.”

In addition, Wolinsky — he calls himself “The Gourmet Gardener” — has taught sustainable gardening for the Florida Agriculture in the Classroom program (faitc.org).

One of the gardens he and his business has worked with is the Wonka Educational Garden in Sunrise. This garden utilizes only urban farming practices, including hydroponics, raised beds and grow bags.

Students attending a Broward County elementary school work in the raised-bed garden. The Gourmet Gardeners company has worked with over 160 schools in Broward.

Wolinsky has been an advocate for the sustainable urban-farming movement throughout Broward County. As a master gardener and as coordinator of the Broward Education Foundation’s Garden Delights program for the past five years, he has helped with the gardens  at county schools, in communities and in private homes.

Regardless of the type of garden — raised-bed, hydroponic, aquaponic or grow-bag — Wolinsky is familiar with it. His agricultural education began when he was a child, working with his grandfather on his farms.

“The garden is an extension of nature and something that must be protected and nurtured,” he says. Also a chef, the Sunrise resident believes, “For the best taste and flavor, produce should come fresh from the garden.”

During the 2013-14 school year, The Gourmet Gardeners created gardens in about 60 schools. Today, that number exceeds 100.








Wolinsky says that in 2015, The Gourmet Gardeners’ Giving Garden initiative resulted in almost 900 pounds of fresh produce reaching families who were food-insecure.

For more information on Ian Wolinsky or The Gourmet Gardeners, call 786-587-0665, email [email protected] or visit thegourmetgardeners.org. The website includes a section called “Recipes From the Farm.”